Workshop Construction

Workshop build We started the workshop build a couple of weeks ago by painting the floor and walls. The next step was to build the shelves for small parts. The pictures show the frame of the shelves in the process of being painted. When the painting is done, I will attach it to the wall. There is plenty of medium and large shelving by the workbench and in the room next to the workshop (the storage room).

Setting up Hugo

Setting up Hugo

After 8 months, I am back posting on my website. Hopefully more will follow. I will be updating this post over the coming days to document my current setup for this website. This post will be about my setup process for this blog or any other hugo website.

Why Hugo

Starting a Blog After not blogging for many years, I wanted to write again. The purpose is to help collect my thoughts and record the technical skills I am learning. Writing about it makes it easier to remember. A blog also allows me to keep learning, whether it is technical or photography skills. I wanted something easy to use at first. I could always switch to something else later. Now, I have been writing with Markdown for years.