Why Hugo

Starting a Blog After not blogging for many years, I wanted to write again. The purpose is to help collect my thoughts and record the technical skills I am learning. Writing about it makes it easier to remember. A blog also allows me to keep learning, whether it is technical or photography skills. I wanted something easy to use at first. I could always switch to something else later. Now, I have been writing with Markdown for years.

Starting the 3D Printer Journey

Starting the 3D Printer Journey Printer HeadPrinter Head " Printer Head The two things that really inspire me are exploring and creating. Exploring can be traveling or doing something new, trying something out. Creating is about making something new. For me, this usually means either modifying something that already exists (improving) or building together something with exciting pieces. As a kid, I loved legos, and legos are how I think about creating.

First Post

Welcome I am restarting my blog with two goals. The first one is to give me a digital presence in which to communicate to the digital world. The second is to help keep track of my goals somewhere. I have been writing to markdown files privately, but I wanted to start doing this publicly since most of the information might be helpful to others and not need to be kept secure.